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October 2011 - Just a quick photo day trip in the Rocky Mountains above Boulder Colorado with my brother Dan. We parked at Brainard Lake and Hiked to Blue Lake at 11,200 feet - great Fall weather!

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May 2009 Trip photos: Utah, Colorado, Tahoe Flume trail with Gene, a buddy I knew from Junior High. Includes some canyoneering, MT biking and hiking.

CA to Green River UT - Black Dragon Wash and Crystal Geyser area
Moab and San Rafael Swell
- MT biking and Canyoneering
Moab and Western CO - more MT biking, travel and photography
Green River and Lake Tahoe
- Hiking -  MT biking the Flume Trail

 Baja SCUBA/snorkeling Trip - October 2008

My friend Rick and I went down to Bahia de Los Angeles in Baja Mexico with our kayaks, a small inflatable motor boat, scuba and snorkeling gear as well as our cameras...


Utah Slot Canyons and MTB Trip - August 2008

My two Brothers and I went canyoneering and mountain biking in Utah, it was a GREAT trip! 

  Baja kayak trip - Gonzaga to BLA October 2007

After a week of scuba, snorkeling and relaxing Rick drops Greg and I off to paddle the 70 miles of rugged cliffed out shoreline from Gonzaga Bay to Bahia de Los Angeles. Everything from great paddling to getting trapped for 3 days on a beach from high wind and crazy waves... 

  Kayak, SCUBA and snorkeling -  March 2007 - Part 1

Gonzoga Bay: Kayaking with whales and dolphins, SCUBA diving and snorkeling a hyper saline lagoon (you float like a cork!), great kayak camping just a FUN first part of the trip. Rick then dropped Greg and I off in San Felipe to paddle across the North end of the Sea of Cortez - the Colorado River Delta, see part 2 below.

  Chasing the 29 foot tides -  March 2007 - Part 2

Kayaking across the mud flats of the Colorado River Delta during maximum tides presented some interesting difficulties. On the move constantly, paddling at night, racing the tides! You can read a great story written by Greg HERE.

 Hobie Cat sailing adventure - 1100 miles of Baja

A hair brained adventure for two beginner sailors for sure. Back in 1990 we put in at Magdalena Bay on the Pacific on a Hobie 18, beach camped along the way and ended in San Felipe 5 weeks later. An adventure to last us a life time! Here is the story. Here is part one of the photos.